About Suzan

I practice as an existential psychologist, taking into account the complexities of what it means to BE, which includes possibility, discomfort, limitation, meaningfulness and transformation.


My practice is also relationally based, which encourages working together to explore the concerns that you are currently confronting at this time in your life.

Existential and relational psychotherapy allows for deeper exploration of how, for example, depression, anxiety, or trauma, impact self and relationship; or, how relationship issues can become possibility for healing deeper wounds, or how living with a life-threatening illness, or sudden life-change can usher in opportunity for meaningfulness.

My work is psychotherapy with adults, couples, older adults, and late teens for psychological concerns related to:

  • depression 

  • anxiety 

  • trauma 

  • relationship issues 

  • sudden life changes 

  • grief / loss 

  • suicide 

  • aging 

  • spiritual or religious matters,

  • chronic or life-threatening illness 

  • dementia  / Alzheimer's 

  • movement disorders /Parkinson's disease 

  • heart problems / cardiac disease 

  • cancer 

  • end-of-life concerns 


If you are wanting to explore any of these concerns and are seeking a compassionate, understanding psychologist, please contact me to discuss your particular situation.

I have been "on the couch" myself in psychotherapy and "on the cushion" in meditation practices to confront and continue to work with concerns related to a difficult childhood, a depression, and a desire to live more authentically. In these ways, and in others, I am able to compassionately understand your personal distress and suffering, and know that out of personal suffering, meaning-making, healing, and life-transformation are possible.

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