29 Mar 2020

As a clinical psychologist conducting psychotherapy in this pandemic crisis, I am prepared to discuss several psychological take-a ways, both triumphant and despairing, but I want to focus here on describing some emergent trauma-related experiences that I have seen in...

20 Nov 2017

Are you becoming frequently hurt by your partner, or unconsciously hurting your partner? Generally, individuals can have both a broad and perhaps more intimate understanding of their own and their partner's developmental background. However, individuals in a partnershi...

19 Nov 2017

Ways to nurture yourself when grieving:  Slow down Journal - describe the grief in detail Be gentle  Make time to experience the grief

28 Sep 2017

A couple of years ago, I worked with a client who had a neurological condition known as Myoclonus, characterized by sudden jerks or twitches. This client was living with severe body twitches. 

She was a 54 year old women, a banker prior to the on-set of t...

20 Jun 2017

​It's ironic that our closest relationships can be our biggest sources of hurt. The line between feeling easily comfortable with an intimate partner and feeling taken for granted can be very thin, and relationship breakdowns can begin before we even notice.


8 May 2016

Sleep deprivation has become a common problem in the US. Not only does it impair thinking and attention for routine things like commuting to and performing work, sleep deprivation heightens frustration and makes us more irritable. It even makes us more susceptible to m...

10 Apr 2016

Stress has become such a prevalent factor of daily life that most of us now just expect it. We might not even be aware of what it's costing us in terms of quality of sleep, personal satisfaction, and physical health. 

According to WedMD and multiple medical studies...

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