Therapy During Chronic Illness

If you are dealing with a chronic illness you have probably noticed that it is hard emotionally and physically, as well as hard on personal and work relationships.

Constant pain or feeling sick every day can make it hard to concentrate for making decisions, or to carry on with necessary responsibilities. That can wear down your sense of competence in taking care of the most basic aspects of life.

Living with ​Illness can provoke anxiety and/or depression. It can make you frustrated and angry, and often there is a sense of isolation or aloneness, adding extra difficulty.

Chronic illness makes some people feel like withdrawing from friends and family, just when you need the support the most. You don't want to be a burden, and maybe you're concerned that you're becoming too needy. Or maybe you want to conserve your energies by limiting social contacts while you are focused on all the medical processes going on.

There is no one way or set of ways to live with chronic illness. And, there is no normal way to deal with how you feel in mind, body, and spirit.

But therapy can help lift some of the burdens of living with chronic illness.

Often, people living with chronic illness discover parts of themselves previously unknown, such as greater resiliency and strength, greater intimacy with self, family and friends, greater appreciation of life and delight in small wonders.


Whatever difficult feelings or thoughts you are experiencing can be expressed in therapy, without judgement. You won't be prescribed any new way to be, or feel, or think.


Therapy during a chronic illness can help shift your lived experience of what you are going through.  It can help you:

  • release any self blaming that is coloring your perspectives

  • separate your true self from the illness process

  • resist feeling envious of those with more health

  • honor and work with your limitations

  • let go of unrealistic expectations

  • accept the changes in your reality

  • find others who are overcoming the difficulties of similar illnesses 

  • use your pain or illness to help others out of their isolation

  • come to  new understandings of universal suffering

  • open to new avenues of spiritual growth

If it's time for you to deal with chronic pain and illness in a new way, I'd like to help.

Let's get started. Contact me today.


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