Therapy for Depression, Anxiety, and Trauma



Are you experiencing headaches, random aches and pains, digestive problems, or insomnia, and not getting relief from treating these physical discomforts? These could be signs of depression.

Feeling irritable, guilty, empty, or constantly tired and disinterested in usual pleasures?  These are also possible signs of depression.

Other signs include:

  • difficulty concentrating, thinking clearly, or making decisions

  • having trouble remembering details

  • feeling restless but also directionless

  • thinking of yourself as helpless

  • judging yourself harshly, seeing only your flaws

  • expecting things to go wrong despite your best efforts

  • feeling unable to perform with your usual high quality

While it's normal to feel sad or disappointed as a response to some specific circumstance, having a perpetually pessimistic outlook, or feeling like nothing you do matters or will change things for the better are some of the ways that depressive hopelessness can be felt.

If waiting to feel better, or have more energy, isn't working for you, psychotherapy could be the answer you seek.

Clinical depression can be debilitating. It can cause you to withdraw from your social supports just when you need them the most. It can prompt you to overeat or oversleep, or just the opposite -- with neither way of coping really helping to lift your spirits. 

And depression left untreated can put you at risk for suicidal thoughts.

I'd like to help you find the way out of depression. Contact me for an initial discussion about how psychotherapy can benefit you.



Have your worries, fears, and nervousness become a problem that are  consuming your daily happiness, making it hard to finish tasks and feel at ease in your own skin?

Are you frequently apprehensive about going to social gatherings, being in a crowd, or getting publicly ridiculed?

If so, you might be dealing with a clinical anxiety.

Anxiety can develop physical symptoms, or even lead into panic attacks, in which you might experience:

  • strong palpitations of the heart

  • sudden shortness of breath

  • dizziness, or narrowing of vision as if about to black out

  • cold or sweaty hands

  • inability to calm yourself

  • difficulty sleeping

  • irrational fear of common objects or experiences

  • compulsion to repeat gestures in order to feel safe

  • having a sense of being in imminent danger, paranoia

  • tingling in hands or feet

  • nausea, or excessively dry mouth

  • muscle tension

I'd like to help you get relief from anxiety. Contact me today to find out more about how psychotherapy can help you regain the sense of confidence and inner peace.



If you have experienced abuse of any sort, or are the survivor of a traumatic incident, it can be hard to shake the lingering effects.


Nightmares and the spontaneous recall of the events can provoke a hyper-vigilance and avoidance of people and situations that interfere with relationships, job performance, and your own sense of well-being.


Other signs that you may be in need of therapy for trauma would include:

  • easily becoming enraged, hostile, or aggressive

  • increased feelings of paranoia and suspicion

  • increased symptoms of anxiety and depression

  • avoidance of everything associated with the source of your trauma

  • wearing yourself out with always being on alert

  • feeling all emotions to an extreme intensity

  • reacting out of proportion to frustration or slight provocations

  • having irrational, angry outbursts that frighten others and yourself

  • having mood swings, or suicidal thoughts

  • feeling deep sense of guilt and shame

These signs of post traumatic stress (PTSD) are difficult to overcome without professional help.

I have experience helping people recover from trauma. Healing is possible. I'd like to help. 

You don't have to struggle so much with depression, anxiety and the after effects

of a traumatic event.

A brighter, better future is ahead for you.

Contact me today.


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