Therapy for Life Transitions

Are you currently confronted with a sudden life-change, or one of the crossroads of life, and find yourself uncertain which way to go?

As a psychologist who is curious, I will inquire with you about your most authentic path, can help you choose your direction.


Have you recently stepped into a new role or chapter in life that perhaps has no rulebook to follow, and you're feeling overwhelmed, confused, and almost on the edge of panic?

I understand how anticipation of the unknown can feel like fear and anxiety can help you locate confidence and courage.

Even the life transitions you have dreamed of manifesting can be disorienting when they arrive.  Everything you thought you knew or wanted can seem to disappear under your feet, leave you feeling lost and alone for a while.


Talking through what is transforming for you, and processing how you are relating to all that is changing can be quite empowering.


As an existential psychologist, I am well trained to help you contemplate the big questions of life, and discovered your own best answers.

Significant life-transitions can function as catalysts that help you to achieve greater personal authenticity, and movement toward greater personal meaning and life purpose.  I'm here for you.

Find the meaning and satisfaction you seek.

Contact me today to get started on this journey.


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