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Relationships of all kinds can be challenging and hurtful, but also provide possibility for greater personal authenticity through deeper healing of core psychological trauma.

Although it is possible to struggle with depression without anxiety, and vice versa, they often go hand in hand, and can be one of the lingering results of a childhood or recent traumatic event. If you are feeling on edge, irritable, or are having frequent panic attacks, if you are feeling out of energy or like everything is hopeless, psychotherapy can help you explore root causes to these experiences and feelings, and offer relief and effective coping strategies.

  • Healing After Infidelity

  • Thriving After Divorce

  • Caring for Elderly Parents

  • Family Conflicts

  • Communication Challenges

  • Frequent/Recurring Conflicts

  • Situational Depression

  • Chronic Depression

  • Bipolar Depression

  • General Anxiety

  • Post Traumatic Stress

  • Suicidal Thoughts

There are certain points in life that seem to change everything you thought you knew or wanted. This can usher in a sense of uncertainty, an identity crisis,  and feeling confused, overwhelmed, and lost for a while. Psychotherapy during these life transitions can help you discover  and create deeper personal life meaning and life satisfaction that you desire.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, post-transition transgender individuals, and queer-identifying persons often confront many challenges that others, who fit within the "norm," do not every confront. Being accepted by your family, feeling safe in public, the stresses of continuing attempts to marginalize and discriminate against you, and deny you basic human rights, can cause personal inadequacy, depression and anxiety. Psychotherapy for LGBTQ concerns can help you navigate your particular challenges of identity, acceptance, and psychological health.

  • Senior Retirement

  • Motherhood

  • Workforce Re-Entry

  • Career Change

  • Creating the life you want

  • Coming Out Anxieties

  • Relationship Insecurity

  • Safety in a Hostile World

  • Secret  or Complicated Grief

Life, either expectantly or unexpectedly, presents us with both physical loss and emotional loss, yet grief often goes unrecognized and unprocessed, resulting in emotional, physical or somatic, and relational difficulties. Psychotherapy for loss and grief, as well as during a prolonged or overwhelming bereavement can help you through your specific grief process.

Physical illness, degenerative conditions of aging, medical treatment, and unrelenting pain in the body are often accompanied by increased distress and emotional suffering for the patient as well as their family members. Psychotherapy that focuses on stress-reduction and finding personal meaning in these difficulties can transform how you experience them. 

  • Loss of Friendships

  • Loss of Love, Hopes, Dreams

  • Complex Grieving Processes 

  • Bereavement for Child

  • Bereavement for Parent, Partner

  • Cancer

  • Chronic Pain

  • Autoimmune Diseases 



of Americans will experience anxiety at some point during their lifetime

Source: Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Anxiety that becomes chronic, and that interferes with normal daily functioning can be significantly reduced with psychotherapy.


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